11H Entertainment | Where the Music You Know Comes to Life
California's premier entertainment company 11H Entertainment and Infusion Xperience creates the ultimate party experiences for the guests at this luxury wedding in Moorpark, California.
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Where the Music You Know Comes to Life

Where the Music You Know Comes to Life

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by Diana Lyle

Imagine you’re at the theater enjoying a 5 Star movie. Just when you think the entertainment couldn’t get any better, the person sitting next to you whispers in your ear “Pssst….try this” and hands you a pair of 3-D glasses. The first thought that comes to mind is “Wow, this is a whole NEW experience!”

Now imagine yourself at your wedding reception and that same 3-D brilliance comes alive with the music. You are now entering the world of 11H Entertainment and their highly acclaimed INFUSION XPERIENCE.

Music is hugely important to a person’s soul. Furthermore, the great musical artists, whose rhythms and songs have moved us through the years, are the life vibrations that uplift us. So, why not keep the original artists and their sound? Often, bands will crucify an original soundtrack because they simply aren’t Alicia Keys or Andrea Bocelli. The masterminds behind 11H instinctively knew this. So they set about finding two incredibly talented musicians who could complement the original sounds of the great artists with the full 3-D effect: a range of percussion and wind instruments that create the ‘live’ music feel while retaining the brilliance of the original sound track. That marked the launch of their unique cutting-edge fusion of familiar soundtracks with live music – a sound that was so powerful that the entertainment industry took note and agreed that 11H had taken the concept to a whole new level.

The result – an overnight success with accolades from top event planners and five-star hotels pouring in. The creative accompaniment of 11H’s two top-level professional musicians, Katisse and Ricky, was the key ingredient to success. Katisse and Ricky are able to improvise a sophisticated unique twist to the music – a cocktail that is shaken – not stirred – with infectious high energy.

11H’s music is immensely versatile – an important ingredient for weddings because there’s usually a wide array of guests at the celebration. There are no limits to music genres as they flow seamlessly from the top 40 dance hits to sexy, sassy Latin salsas to disco, jazz or classic rock. Furthermore, Emcee Steven and D.J. Jason are able to read the energy of the guests and match the music to it, which ultimately creates an emotional connection that will have your guests remembering your wedding as one of the top 3 events they’ve been to in their lifetime.

When you consider how music makes or breaks a wedding, the value of 11H’s presence is incalculable. Steven focuses entirely on the couple – whose special day it is – and his contribution to the event’s success is his ability to get the guests on their feet and dancing. If it’s ‘mild’ that they want, he’ll provide that for them, and if it’s wild that they want, let the fun crescendo! D.J. Jason is inspired by the joy of the occasion and takes his responsibility of being a part of the biggest day of a couple’s life with exceptional skill and dedication.

The bridal couple and their guests walk away after indulging in the musical cocktail 11H mixes for them – blissfully aware of how the music transported the occasion from happy to surreal. The memories will last with them forever.

Every bride wants to be able to say that their day was truly unforgettable. Contact an 11H representative now and you will be on your way to infusing that dream into reality.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]