11H Entertainment | Meet Steven Muchnij - A professional Emcee with mix of creativity and professionalism
About Steven Muchnij – A professional Emcee with an incredible natural ability to connect and engage with your guests. He has been the Emcee for the Tournament of Roses President’s National Championship Galas & Parties, Pre-Emmy parties.
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Steven Muchnij

Hello and welcome to 11H Entertainment!
My name is Steven; I am the owner and operator of this vibrant entertainment company, which travels world wide for performances. I have been blessed with enthusiasm, excitement and passion for life–I use these characteristics as a music designer to elevate celebrations to their fullest potential.  My core philosophy has always been…Do What You Love and Love What You Do and The Whole World Comes to You! I love what I do and now everyday I am living the dream doing what I love!


Ever since I can remember, the vibration of music has touched my soul in such profound ways that it’s hard to describe the comfort, inspiration and clarity that has come from it. My mom was diagnosed with MS and bed ridden by the time I was six. In reflecting back on my childhood, she always had music playing in our home. It was her way of expressing and shifting her emotional and physical condition. That is what happens organically at my events. People become more fully self-expressed with the vibration of music.  She also taught me to stay positive in the midst of difficulties and to keep my mind open to possibilities.  My dad’s  engineering background gave me the gift of understanding structure.  Also, he was an amazing example of unconditional love and commitment as he cared for my mom for 28 years before she passed.  To be an outstanding entertainer it takes preparation, awareness, timing, instinct, commitment, creativity, rhythm, talent and most of all passion.


You can think of me as your…Partyologist.  I have the ability to improvise a sophisticated twist with infusing music at your event – a cocktail that is shaken – not stirred – with infectious high energy.  My clients appreciate the peace of mind we provide through the entire experience.  Specifically, the personal attention they receive working directly with the owner of the company.


Get ready for a sophisticated kick-ass party!




To Read How Music Moves the Soul Click Here


As a side note– Here are some of the things I have been blessed to be part of: Literally thousands of weddings and special events, Emcee for the Tournament of Roses President’s National Championship Galas, Pre-Emmy parties, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Pepsi-Cola, Intel, Motorola, Intuit, Ford, LA Sports & Entertainment Commission and countless corporate events.