11H Entertainment | Private Estate, Oceanside
California's premier entertainment company 11H Entertainment and Infusion Xperience created the ultimate party experiences for the guests at this luxury wedding in Oceanside, California.
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Private Estate, Oceanside

About This Project

Private Estate, Oceanside

The day of their wedding could not have been more beautiful.  Meghan was a stunning bride.  The location was amazing–Meghan’s uncle’s home in Oceanside.  Her uncle’s home was on an acre in the middle of rolling hills with the ocean in the distance.  The landscaping was just completed on this new home just in time for the wedding.


Meghan & Charles had no idea of what to expect when they hired us and chose the Infusion Xperience.  They trusted me when I said we would provide something completely unique that would be completely memorable to their guests.


What I loved about Charles was that although he was not the type to wear his emotions on his sleeve, he completely let go of his emotions on the day of his wedding.  There was so much love in the air.


The entertainment was really important to them both.  Being an outside reception they did not know if their guests would dance.  They had been at other outside weddings and none of them had much dancing at all.


They definitely had a dancing crowd and because the guests were not wanting it to end they went an hour overtime.  We had to stop the third time the cops came to respond to a noise complaint.  We like to say, “There is no party until the police come.”

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