11H Entertainment | Private Estate, Moorpark
California's premier entertainment company 11H Entertainment and Infusion Xperience created the ultimate party experiences for the guests at this luxury wedding in Moorpark, California.
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Private Estate, Moorpark

About This Project

Private Estate, Moorpark

When you hear the words: Beautiful, Classy, Fun, Romantic – Joe Connell and Jen Szabo come to mind. The wedding was held at the Szabo’s private Country Club Estate in Moorpark, CA.  The backyard is already picturesque—and with all the wedding décor it looked stunning!  When the home was being built, the backyard was designed for an occasion just like this by Jen’s father, who is an architect.  The wedding was spectacular and guests danced all night to our Infusion Xperience.  The dance floor was packed—as you can see.


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