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How to stay in the moment on their wedding day tips part 2 by Steven A professional wedding planner gives you idea about how to stay in the moment at wedding.
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How to be Prepared on Your Wedding Day, Part 2

How to be Prepared on Your Wedding Day, Part 2


by Steven Muchnij

Your wedding day can be one of, if not the most memorable day of your life.  Unfortunately, for many brides and grooms the day can be a blur when it is all said and done.  My hope is that since you are reading this article your desire is to stay in the moment on your wedding day and to enjoy it thoroughly.

Before my own wedding I shared with my wife that “I had seen too many couples that didn’t enjoy their wedding to the fullest and seemed distracted and not present to the amazing love that was being showered on them from all their family and friends”.  For myself, I did not want to miss a single moment of my own wedding.  I set to making a plan with my wife so that we could have a day filled with meaningful moments that we would remember.  My wife was on board immediately.

This list of items may seem simple but just remember this one thing…they are simple and powerful but often overlooked.

  1. The day of, prepare yourself to be in the moment by clearing your head with an activity that sooths you. Try a brisk walk or jog as the sun comes up. Meditate, do yoga or say a prayer. Take a long shower or bubble bath.  Take time to reflect on today’s joyful rite-of-passage.
  2. Make a plan with your fiancé to create moments that will help both of you to be present and to feel the joy of the day.  Couples have found there is nothing that will bring you into the moment faster than looking into each others eyes.  My wife and I had a lot of predetermined times that we would look into each others eyes during the ceremony and reception as a signal to enjoy this day and stay present.  A lot of communication can be given through your eyes of just how much you love each other.
  3. In between activities, take a moment to take some deep breaths.  Breath is a great way to get you aware of the moment and has been used for centuries as a meditation.  You don’t have to be an experienced meditator to take some deep breaths and calm yourself into being more aware.
  4. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the fact that the unexpected is always going to happen when you LEAST EXPECT IT. Yes, things may go “wrong”, but if you face the day with a sense of humor and a positive attitude, you can pull it off without a catastrophe.  Keep everything in perspective. In all likelihood, some details are not going to go exactly as planned, but so what? You’re getting married and will be surrounded by people who want to share your happy moments. My wife and I had many things that “went wrong” and each time we both looked at each other and laughed.  It’s these moments that become some of the funniest stories that you will tell to your kids later in life.  It is actually these things that go wrong that can bring you back to the moment.  At our wedding my wife’s father got his foot wrapped into her veil as he stepped behind her after giving her to me, as he went to untangle his foot he jerked her head back. As her head flew back unexpectedly she gasped pretty loud. At first I thought she was going to land flat on her back but when she didn’t fall we laughed and so did all the guests.  As a matter of fact, we didn’t stop laughing for a good 5 minutes.  Yes it was a little tough for the minister to continue with our laughter but from that moment on all of the stress and anxiety was gone. Too this day it is a fond memory.
  5. This brings me to my last item on the list.  Laugh!  It’s an exciting and anxiety-filled time that can be simmered down with a good dose of laughter. There’s a reason why ‘laughter therapy’ works for stress.  If there is one language that is universal, it is laughter.  It brings people together.  So smile and laugh because your guests will enjoy themselves more!

This is your special day, create a day that you will be present for and naturally remember forever.  If you would like an expert to assist you with this process please don’t hesitate to contact me.