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How to stay in the moment on their wedding day tips part 1 by Steven A professional wedding planner gives you idea about how to stay in the moment at wedding.
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How to be Prepared on Your Wedding Day, Part 1

How to be Prepared on Your Wedding Day, Part 1


by Steven Muchnij

Your  wedding day can be one of, if not the most memorable day of your life.  Unfortunately, for many brides and grooms the day can be a blur when it is all said and done.  My hope is that since you are reading this article your desire is to stay in the moment on your wedding day and to enjoy it thoroughly.  In my opinion, there is no other day in your life where you will be surrounded by so many people that love and care about you.

I have coached thousands of brides and grooms on how to stay in the moment on their wedding day.  In addition to coaching, I also was a groom once and made it my own personal mission to thoroughly enjoy my big day.  After 20 years of coaching couples and from my own wedding experience I have compiled a list to help couples stay present through their entire wedding day.
This list of items may seem simple but just remember this one thing…they are simple and powerful but OFTEN overlooked.

The best news of all is that making an intention to stay in the moment is 99% of the work.  Once you and your fiancé have decided that staying in the moment is important to you both, it is an easy thing to implement and accomplish.

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.  It may seem counter intuitive to prepare to be in the moment.  But the truth is that being prepared helps you to free yourself of worry on your wedding day—and that is the whole point.  So the best way to make sure the day is not a blur is to have the important things taken care of beforehand.
  2. Eat a very healthy breakfast.  If your wedding is later in the day make sure you eat small meals all day.  Being famished and light headed during your wedding will definitely take away from even the most meaningful moments.
  3. Prepare and have with you an emergency kit that includes a sewing kit, safety pins, bottled water, sports bars/snacks, breath mints and so on.
  4. Make sure you have plenty of support for the day of your wedding.  If you have a wedding coordinator, rely on her heavily so that you can enjoy your day.    If you have a friend or your mother assisting you, make sure they have an itinerary so they know what the schedule is and how they can assist you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for lots of help for this day.  Your goal should be to enjoy the day and let your helpers do the work.  Our entertainment company has a motto that we share with all of our clients, “Be a guest at your own event?”  Before the wedding we have an extensive planning meeting to make sure we accomplish our motto.  We go way beyond the general questions that 99% of the other companies would normally ask to coordinate your event.  Other companies just scratch the surface, while we create a lifetime of meaningful memories.  We do so by always seeking to understand what is most important about our couples…which naturally translates into creating moments during their wedding that they will remember a lifetime.
  5. Leave plenty of time to get to the ceremony.  Running late is one of the surest ways to add stress to your day.  Don’t defeat your intentions to stay in the moment.  Leave for your wedding in plenty of time.